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Devexpress MVC Grid

June 22, 2009

At work we work with Devexpress components for our windows applications. And I have used some like the pivotgrid and the reporting tool in websites. They are very powerful, but sometimes hard to use. They have so many options and properties, it’s sometimes hard to find the right one.

Last week the devexpress blog showed a screenshot of their upcoming mvc grid. It looks suspisciously like jQuery’s tablesorter plugin. What wasn’t revealed though, is how this grid hooks up with the controller, what actions you have to implement etc. So I wonder how they’re going to implement the model ‘hookup’ so to speak.

I am not really anxious to get these kind of tools and components for mvc, as you can already do that stuff using jquery and your ORM of choice, but you never know, maybe they will come up with something nice, that isn’t overcomplicated and bloated ;).

Update : Oops that last part suggest that the devexpress components are bloated, but I didn’t intend it that way. They can be a bit complicated to use though, but their support is always willing to send you a bit of example code if you’re stuck.

Anyway I just hope they come up with something that’s ‘in the spirit’ of MVC, if you know what i mean !


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