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.net on the decline

May 27, 2007

There has been some talk here and there about .net being on a decline.

Mason Lyngby has written a nice roundup on the blog posts and made some nice comments on his blog.

I don’t think Msft is losing its influence rather than its competitors have become more emboldened. Msft’s cage has rattled by Google, that much is clear. Msft is losing the battle in the search market, that is also clear. But Msft is a long way from losing the battle in the developer market.

The thing is that the people that get a lot of attention on these blogs and podcasts are the frontrunners, they try out all these new technologies etc (alphageeks?), and it takes years for some of these technologies to be adapted by your average developer / company who might just recently (say the last few years) have been using .net. So to say it’s on it’s decline, it might be true for the upper tier coders who are in the spotlight, it’s probably not valid for the majority of software developers that dont have podcasts, blogs etc…


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